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 if u want to find all your lvl 100 equip need plz come here

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PostSubject: if u want to find all your lvl 100 equip need plz come here   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:33 am

for warriors i sugest u go here
lvl 100 pants
brexton or skelosaurace
i would kill brexton much easier

for female darck cornian

lvl 100 glove

lvl 100 helmet

if u wanna find wepon go look at my otehr post

lvl 100 shoes
skelgons and the squid in aqua

lvl 100 top
skelosaurace brexton dark cornian
thats al for warriors

lvl 98 over all
skelosaurace dark cornian nest golem

lvl 100 gloves
brexton skelosarace

lvl 100 hat
jr newtie

lvl 100 shoes
nest golem


lvl 100 over all
nest golem

lvl 100 shoes

lvl 100 glove
green cornian

lvl 100 hat

lvl 100 over all
blue wayvern

lvl 100 glove
brexton nest golem

lvl 100 shoes
there shoes r not droped by any thong so i will give utehre lvl 90 shoes
bone fish

lvl 100 hat
nest golem

lvl 100 overall
ses its not dropable but it is maple tip sucks i would use hidden street but i opend maple tip first

lvl 100 goves
hmm well i think maple tip needs an up date if u wanna search it your self go ahead but if u want me to leave commet

yw for every thing thx gose to tigles for making this woooo u rock xstory pl vote u guys plz plz plz plz cheers bounce
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if u want to find all your lvl 100 equip need plz come here
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